Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Journeys End Photos

My awesome brother, Jeremy, travelled to North Troy and Journeys End to pick Jean and I up when we left the woods. Also, there to greet us was the VT-APDA chapter president, Michael O'Connor and his wife Barbara...bringing Jean and I gifts -- BATH products and chocolate bars. What else could two downright dirty women ask for? Well, maybe a cold beer? But, they did all think of it and it did become a reality on the way home...


  1. Very nice, Jocelyn. Congatulations on a job well done! And welcome back to the world of showers and toilets!!!!!

  2. Jocelyn, it was so (beyond words) wonderful to experience Peaks for Parkinsons with you, to reconnect with you, to laugh and cry, to have the chance to backpack with my first hiking partner (my father) again after all these years, to experience Dick Curran's strength and courage, to see his family hiking together, to scamper through Devil's Gulch with you, to feel the power of the wind on top of Jay Peak... to read all these comments from people whose lives have been brightened by knowing you and experiencing this amazing idea that you brought to life. I'm so thankful that you asked me to join you and so, so glad that I was able to do it. It was a powerful and special week! I miss you already and I love you dearly! xoxox jean (Border Patrol)