Friday, September 3, 2010


I don't have children. I like them a lot, I just don't have any of my own. Every so often I meet a young person who really impresses me...

Today at work I was asked by Olivia (starting 8th grade in a Waldorf school this year) if she could interview me about my Peaks For Parkinson's Long Trail hike. Not only does Olivia hope to hike the entire Long Trail with her dad one day, she hopes to be a journalist and photographer for a magazine like National Geographic. She has decided that her upcoming year long school project will be her own magazine of interesting and amazing people, things and ideas. I do believe one of her remarks was something along the lines of "...people who do amazing things like you just did..."

Well, of course, I was thrilled to be a part of her project...honored that the PFP/Long Trail hike was her first newsworthy idea...excited at the thought of this young woman becoming a famous and professional outdoor enthusiast, adventurer, writer and photographer!

After my interview with Olivia, I thought about my hike and it became clear to me that my Peaks for Parkinson's project not only inspired and motivated people affected by Parkinson's to stay active and keep their bodies inspired young girls...and older women to dream and to get out and hike. Girls and women from 8 years old to 60+ have been involved with and interested in my hiking the LT.

I was observed and studied by a 13 year old (who plans to hike the LT one day soon) as I set up my tent and made my dinner with my jetboil...met on the trail by an 8 year old on her first overnight with her dad (who later began to follow my blog.)...introduced to a 7 year old who was being initiated into the family hiking tradition as she spent her first night on the trail, waking up in the Stratton Pond shelter as an 8 year old and accomplished backpacker...hiked with a woman who has experienced a lot of life already but who craves to be on the trail doing overnights so she doesn't have to keep turning back! There was also my time spent hiking with Stiletto. She, however, inspired me and made me want to section hike some of the AT and explore more of the mountains in New Hampshire...

It was a good day thanks to Olivia. I have the feeling I will be seeing her name appear in National Geographic one day...

Happy Trails ladies...young and...shall I say, 'experienced' ;-)

Zuni Bear/Jocelyn

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