Monday, September 13, 2010

Handmade Quilt Drawing

My father and I learned that we both had our best ideas when we "slept on it." Dad would tell me an idea he had and then proceed to say he just couldn't figure how to do this...or that. Of course, I wouldn't have the solution either, so I would kiddingly say, "You better sleep on it." I do this all the time, my mind racing as I try to fall asleep, thinking about creative projects and ideas (like Peaks For Parkinson's) until the perfect answer comes.

Recently, I have been wondering how I will officially end Peaks For Parkinson's. I slept on it. The answer: I will take the names of all the people who donated $50 or more (as stated on my website) up one of my most memorable peaks, find a day hiker who appears to love this particular mountain and ask them to draw the winner's name.

My father's sister, Doris, made this quilt. To me, quilts are symbolic of family heritage, friendship, community, love. Peaks For Parkinson's was about family, friendship, community and love.

Quilts were traditionally made and used to mark life's most significant experiences. This will be the end of the most meaningful, rewarding, spiritual, healing journey I've ever been on.

Now, which peak was most memorable?

I loved them all, and they were all memorable, but I'm leaning towards Camel's Hump. While I was not hiking with someone affected by Parkinson's that day, I had a feeling of peace and pure contentment. Perhaps, because I was not hiking with someone that day and therefore can fully devote that mountain to my father, Camel's Hump will be my choice.

~ For those of you who have made a financial contribution, I am very grateful.
~ For those of you who are still hoping to, I will likely be doing my hike in early October.
~ For those of you who could not manage a financial contribution, the fact that you are reading this blog suggests you have been supportive in spirit, and I thank you!

With my deepest gratitude ~
Zuni Bear / Jocelyn


  1. What a lovely idea! The quilt is GORGEOUS!

  2. that IS a good idea :) Just don't do it on the half marathon day!!!!!