Saturday, July 31, 2010


I've been thinking a lot today of my last LT through hike and all the places I will get to visit again, and of my hiking partners, my brother Jeremy and Fletcher Davis. There were times we all laughed so hard we cried. Now...that could have been from exhaustion. I really learned a lot from those two.

This time, I will have multiple hiking partners and I'm sure I will learn many more important life lessons as we go.

As the planning details wind down, I find myself transitioning, downshifting to a slow and steady gear for the long haul. Preparing myself mentally for the physical exhaustion and pain during those first 100 miles. I remember Jeremy and I were talking to a AT hiker and he told us you don't get your trail legs until about 500 miles in. I looked at Jer, then back at the AT hiker and said, 'I guess that means we're never going to feel good then!'

He was wrong. I felt pretty good after about 175 miles...and I'm hoping to again.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Thank you to EMS for donating Jetboil fuel for my journey!

Thank you to Sonny Cloward for the use of his solar charger!

Thank you to Brian Clark for giving up his trekking poles (mine broke on the Chilkoot Trail in Alaska) !

Thank you to Barbara McAndrew Clark for lending me her Iphone...for a month! Who among you would do this? ;-)

Thank you to Amy Richardson for securing a phone case charger from AT&T !

Thank you to Price Chopper, Hannafords and Shaws for gift cards that purchased trail food !

Thank you to Capital Candy for donating power bars, snickers and trail mix!

Thank you to my MOM Judith Hebert for requesting and collecting EMS, Shaws, Hannafords, Price Chopper and Capital Candy donations ! You're the best mom...

Thank you to my brother Jeremy and Nancy B. for taking care of my pup, Calais, for the whole month! (...hide your garbage...hide the cat food...)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trail Food

As I piled my loot on the floor, not only did memories of Halloween wash over me, but I this why I love to hike so much? Snickers bars, pepperoni, cheese? I think it may be a serious contributing factor.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Some of my good friends and fellow Chilkoot Trail hikers reunite one year later at our family camp.

5 days until I head to the southern terminus to take the first step for Peaks For Parkinson's. My family visiting from Alaska and a fun day at camp with most of my best buds this past weekend has re-energized me and reminded me how important what I'm trying to do really is. I've had many wonderful sentiments directed my way. Thank you all...your well wishes and support make all the difference.
Peace and Happiness~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trail shoes

Relieved to have my new trail shoes. If you've ever done any long distance hiking you know that your shoes and good care and health of your feet is critical. Blisters are on the top of the list of things that can ruin your experience. That, and bugs!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July is moving too fast

PEAKS FOR PARKINSON'S is on the move...

After a week of setbacks, we're finally moving forward again.

Peaks brochures are ready to send out, trail shoes are in and website is up and running.
Please visit us at

Still a lot to do to prepare for this trek, but my Alaskan nephews and my brother are flying in Thursday...and that means it's time to stop, take a breath and enjoy them....