Saturday, October 2, 2010

Off to Climb Camel's Hump...

Drinking my morning coffee and preparing for my final Peaks For Parkinson's hike. Looks like I will be solo today...

While I was on the Long Trail, I met a thru-hiker who told me the caretaker of Camel's Hump gave him a small square of chocolate because he was lucky hiker number 400 up the mountain that day. I asked him what time of day he was up there and he said it was around 1:00 pm. I expect that I will be able to find someone to draw the name of the winner of the PFP quilt without much trouble, even if the temps are supposed to be in the 40s on the summits today.

I will post the winner on Sunday...and Peaks For Parkinson's (phase I) will officially be over.

I'm off~
Have a great day everyone!
Zuni Bear


  1. Dear Jocelyn,
    I didn't get your email until today, the 2nd. I trust you had a good climb, and I wish to thank you for all you have done these past few weeks. I have some pictures that I would like to send along to you at home. Please email me your address.
    Pastor Lyle and Rachel Miller

  2. Joci, I thought of you all day today, hoping you had a beautiful day and the magic of the mountain surrounded you in full force! I can't wait to hear about your adventure. I hope you are home, safe and sound by now, tucked snugly in bed! Good nite, Zuni Bear! xoxox jean